Apple iOS 8.1 Update

iOS 8.1 was released yesterday, and with it a few cool features that I am happy to see.

First they brought back the Camera Roll. This seems like a small thing, but honestly I was getting frustrated that all my pictures were sorted by dates and I would have to scroll a lot to get to my pictures, if they were not recent. iOS 8.1 brings back the Camera Roll which makes my life eaisier again.

The second thing that I was excited to see in iOS 8.1 is a new feature called SMS Relay. What this means is you can connect your iPhone to your iPad or Mac and send regular text messages through that number. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal to those who alreayd have friends on Apple devices, iMessage has allowed you to seamlessly move from device to device with no problem. But for people who are not on the Apple Bandwagon, being able to text them from other devices than your phone was a pain. But thanks to SMS Relay, you can now text them just the same as anyone else from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. Bringing that seamless iMessage integration to regular text messages as well.

So if you haven’t updated to iOS 8.1, I would say do it soon. The update itself is not very big and doesn’t take very long, but for me these two features made the update very worthwhile.