Post BDay Recap

Last Sunday we came home from my birthday weekend in WI Dells. It was a lot of fun. My sister Dee and her husband Jay surprised us on Friday and came to spend the day with us. We hit the water parks, it was a lot of fun. Dee & I went on this one water slide called The Hurricane, it was way cool. You go down this scary water slide on a raft and then hit this drop off, but end up in this huge room where you go up and down the sides of the walls before being shot out. Dee was laughing so hard at the bottom the life guard had to help her off of the raft. It was very much a good birthday. I got a bunch of money that I can use towards my new laptop, very cool. My friend actually gave me $50 in $1 bills and wrapped them individually between newspaper pages and then wrapped them in a box. I had a lot of careful unwrapping to do to get them all. When we got home though our dogs, Alexis and Flash, were thrilled to see us. Alexis did not let Jill and I get a lot of sleep Sunday night cuz she had been left alone. We had our good neighbors, Brian and Michelle, watch them for us. It was very cool, and our dogs love their kids, so it all worked out well.

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  1. Mother Todd says:

    I love being the ‘good neighbors’ I wonder if we were ever the ‘weirdo neighbors’? HUH? things I ponder. OMGOSH I think Roo is hilarious. We should plan a party for next Sunday. I work this Sunday. But I was thinking Roo, Clara, Nana, Ann, Charles, Janet, Conrad, Kelly, and maybe someone else you might want to bring to our insanity. I also thought of having it at church….It is something we could do like a potluck dinner so we would have seating for everyone. Anyhootle, I digress. See ya online!!!