Guided Access for iOS

Guided AccessOne of the best unknown features of iOS is Guided Access. Guided Access lets you lock your iPhone or iPad into a single app. While this may not sound great for some, it is great for parents, uncles, aunts, etc to lock kids out of their iOS device, but let them still play a game. It also prevents kids from accidentally posting that embarrassing photo of you to Facebook. So let’s take a look at setting it up.

To setup Guided Access just go into Settings, General, then Accessibility. Near the bottom you will see Guided Access. Simply click in it to into the options menu. Set Guided Access to On, and make sure the Accessibility Shortcut is also set to On. Now click in the Set Passcode option and type in a Passcode twice to use when you want to unlock Guided Access.

Now once you go into the app on your iOS device that you want to lock, you can hit the Home button three times. This will bring up Guided Access and you can hit Start. This will then keep the kids from exiting the app. To turn take the app out of Guided Access, just hit the Home button three more times, put in the passcode you setup earlier and select End. Your iOS device will then be returned to normal.

You can leave Guided Access on in the background and simply activate when you need it per app. This is also useful if you want to ground your child from their iPhone, but still give them access to just the phone, as you can lock the phone app in Guided Access. So if you’re looking for a way to control your kids use of an iOS device, Guided Access may be another tool in your arsenal to give you that control.