Turning Off Facebook’s Video Auto-Play

If like me you thought the auto-play of videos in Facebook was kind of cool at first, but overtime it became distracting, and now it is just a battery draining hog on both your laptop and mobile devices. Well there is a way to turn it off so videos will not longer auto-play on Facebook.

facebookvideooff1To turn this off on your computer, just login to your Facebook account, go into Settings. Then on the left menu, choose Videos and set Auto-Play Videos to Off.

As I use mostly Apple iOS devices for my mobile devices, my instructions will focus on them. Although I am sure the process is very similar on Android and other mobile OS’s. To disable the auto-play of videos on your iPhone or iPad, go into Settings, then Facebook. Then choose Settings again under Facebook, in this window there will be a Video section, just turn Auto-play to Off.

So if you are like me and are tired of the videos on Facebook auto-playing, you can turn them off and not have to deal with the annoyance anymore.