PocketKeeping up to date with news feeds, social media, and all the other online content can be daunting. With your specific interests being able to be brought to your finger tips throughout the day, it can be a lot to keep on top of everything you want to read. In fact when I find that post on Facebook, I usually do not have time to read about it, and in the evenings find myself scrolling through all of Facebook to find that one link. This brought me to the need for a “read it later” app, something that would sync across all my computers and devices, and I found that service in Pocket.

Pocket can install as a browser extension on your computer, allowing you to add links to it so you can catch up on the stuff you want to read later. Pocket also has Android and Apple iOS apps, so you can read the links you save on your mobile devices. The Pocket app also allows you to add content from your mobile devices too, which is great when you find yourself spending more time using those than your computer. But where Pocket really sold it for me was its integration with Feedly. Allowing you to save links from Feedly to Pocket for later reading. I found this useful for longer articles in my RSS Feed that I just didn’t have the time to read at the moment.

So if like me you find yourself constantly looking for links you say earlier in the day, and want a better way to keep on top of information to be read later, I highly suggest you check out Pocket.