Facebook Photo Fetcher

If you have your own WordPress blog, or site and also maintain a Facebook page some content can become redundant. One of the most common of these tends to be photos, as creating albums and posting them on Facebook is usually easier than managing them with WordPress. But thanks to a plugin called Facebook Photo Fetcher, you can embed timeline photos and even albums directly into your WordPress posts or pages.

Once installed you do have to authorize the plugin with your Facebook login, meaning granting the plugin access to your Facebook account. If you want photos from a Facebook page to show up as opposed to your personal photos you can do that too, but you still have to login with your Facebook account, and be an admin of the page you want to display.

Once logged in you can scan and get a listing of your albums, which will show up like links such as this.

<!–FBGallery2 1234567890123456789 –><!–/FBGallery2–>

Then you just have to copy that link, and post it into the text section of a WordPress page or post, and that is it. All the photos of that album, or timeline will show up on the page. To see an example of what this looks like, take a look at the Demo Gallery on the developer’s site.

So if you are looking for an easy way to display and manage your photos on Facebook, but have them show up on your WordPress site, check out Facebook Photo Fetcher.  It is pretty easy to use and works really well.