authyOne of the best way to secure your online accounts is to use Two Factor Authentication. This means when you log into your accounts you not only need your username and password, but you also need a security code that is either texted to your cell phone, or generated for you. This is where most people use Google Authenticator, as it will allow you to scan your accounts and it will continuously generate a security code that you can use to login. This is great as it saves you time and the inconvenience of text, but the Google Authenticator app is fairly simple and basic. One app I have found that works as Google Authenticator, but gives you a lot more options and security is Authy.

authy2Authy works just like Google Authenticator, in fact it kind of is Google Authenticator, but with a better interface. Unlike Google Authenticator, Authy doesn’t just list all your codes at once, but gives you a much easier to naviage interface.

One of the things Authy does better than the Google Authenticator app is it allows you to PIN protect the app. This means you can put all your two factor authentication codes behind a PIN number, so if someone did get your phone they will have a lot more trouble getting to your codes than if you are just using the Google Authenticator app.

Another great feature of Authy is its ability to be setup to backup and sync. One of the things I always worried about was if I lost my phone I would lost the two factor authentication codes and would need to hack into my accounts. With Authy I know they are backed up and I can even add other devices and sync them, so now my two factor authentication codes are accessible on both my phone and tablet.

So if you are making your online accounts more secure and setting up two factor authentication, Google Authenticator will work just fine for you. But if you wish it has some better features and interface, then I would suggest you go right to Authy. Authy is free and available for both Apple iOS and Android.