gdurl1If you need to link a file to your website there are a lot of ways to do that, you can use Dropbox to create a public link, or even put it on the website itself and link it. Google Drive is really great for linking Google Docs and making them publicly shared, but if you put a file that is not a true Google Doc and share it, you get the Google Drive Viewer, and you may not always want that. For example let’s say you share a PDF file or MOV movie file in Google Drive, and link it on your website. When you click on that file it opens in the Google Drive Viewer and you may not get the full graphics or functionality of just linking to the file. Well there is a work around for that, and it is works a lot like Bitly, allowing you to put in the long shared URL from a file in Google Drive. will then create a direct permalink to that file, which means when you use that link on your website you can open the file stored on Google Drive without the Google Drive Viewer. This allows you to open a PDF with a lot of graphics without seeing any degradation.

So if you want to use Google Drive to store and share your file for your website, but find that it has issues opening with the Google Drive Viewer, us to create a link and bypass the Google Drive Viewer. Note that this does not work on actual Google Docs as they require the Google Viewer to work, just third party files such as PDF, JPG, MOV, etc.