Google Drive Multiple Accounts for iOS

Last week Google Drive for iOS got an update that brought some new functionality to it that I know I was looking for, multiple accounts. If like me you use multiple Gmail accounts, say you have one personal and use Google Apps for work, using the Google Drive app on iOS was a pain because of the need to sign out and back in. Now thanks to the new app you can go into settings and change over to your other Google accounts, making a nice seamless transition if you need to access your Google Docs for work on your iOS device.

gdrivemultact1aTo switch between accounts go into the Google Drive app for iOS, click the three lines, then select the cog and you will be brought to the Settings page. Click your name and you will be brought to a new menu where you can manage your multiple accounts. Once you have more than one account, you can switch to the other accounts my coming back into settings and change to the account you want.


I know for me this makes the iOS app for Google Drive a lot more versatile. I do a lot of site visits for work and I know having to sign out and back in to Google Drive has always been a pet peeve for me, so this update was a big one for me. And if you live with multiple Google accounts, you will like this update as well.