Google Cloud Print

One of the nice features of Google Chrome is its ability to sync your data across all your computers and devices, and that can also mean printers too. Using Google Cloud Print in Chrome you can actually share the printer on your computer with other computers and devices sync’d to your Google account. There are two ways to setup your printers with Google Cloud Print based on whether you have a local printer, or a cloud ready printer.

Let’s start by looking how to setup a local printer first. Once you are in Chrome, to share out your printers just click on the three lines icon in the top right hand corner of your browser. Then choose settings, and then click on Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page. If you scroll down you will see a Google Cloud Print section, here you can choose to Add printers that are installed on your computer.


googlecloudprint2This will take you to another website where you can choose which printers you have installed to share out across your Google account. Once it is setup to use it you just print within Chrome like you normally would, except now when you select Change Destination you will have a Google Cloud Print section to choose the printers on your other computers, as per the image to the right. However if you do share your printer out on your computer, your computer must be on and running Chrome for Google Cloud Print to work for your local printers.

But if you already have a cloud ready printer, such as an HP ePrinter, then setting it up to work with Google Cloud Print is even easier. To do this, go into the Chrome Settings menu again and go to Google Cloud Print and select Add Printer. This time click on the link that says Cloud Ready Printers, instead of hitting Add Printer(s). Here you will get a list of compatible cloud ready printers, select the model of your printer and walk through their instructions to setup the printer. What is nice about cloud ready printers, is they are online by themselves, so you do not need to have your computer or Chrome running to print to these devices.

Once you have your Google Cloud Printers setup, you can now print from any Chrome browser that you are signed into, including your mobile devices.  I know I use this to print from my iPhone and iPad on many occasions, but sometimes it is nice to be able to print out a document from work, even on a printer that isn’t cloud friendly.  So if you are looking to get more mobile printing from your browser, Google Cloud Print might be a good option for you.