In Wisconsin Dells

So tomorrow is my birthday and Jill arranged for a trip to WI Dells using our time share. She invited some of my friends including Nana, Clara, Matt, and Angela. Nana rode with us, so the three of use are here. The room is really big and cool, I am looking forward to a quiet weekend without computers. Ironic I brought my laptop and am updating my blog, but no fixing anything! Some of my co-workers got me really cool presents this week, a definite and welcome surprise. I got an electric fly swatter (very cool), a Family Guy tshirt and a panic button, which I plan to use whenever I need it. So if they are reading, thank you all, it was very cool. Well I better get back upstairs, our resort only has wireless in the lobby and Jill & Nana are probably wondering where I went. More to come later this weekend.