iOS 7.0.2

When iOS 7 came out a lot of people waited before doing the upgrade. Some of this was due to the amount of traffic that hit Apple for the upgrade, and some of it was due to a security issue. In iOS 7 there was a bug that allowed someone to bypass the lock screen using certain commands and gestures.

On Friday, September 27, Apple released iOS 7.0.2 which addresses this security issue. So if you were waiting for a fix to the lock screen bug before upgrading, it is out and you should upgrade sooner rather than later. Or if you’ve done the upgrade to iOS 7, then I would highly suggest doing the upgrade to iOS 7.0.2 to fix the security issue. The iOS 7.0.2 upgrade is a lot smaller than iOS 7 and should only take a few of minutes. When it is done, you won’t notice anything has changed.

Some people have even asked me if they should upgrade to iOS 7 at all. My answer to that is yes, you should. If only for the fact that apps are going to be updated for iOS 7 pretty frequently now, and if you do not upgrade you may find yourself with incompatibly issues.