The Good and Bad of iOS 7

ios7Today iOS 7 was released to all the Apple devices of the world.  And while it is awesome and brings some great new features, there are also a few things I found that I didn’t like.  So let’s take a look at some of my initial findings in iOS 7.  If you want a full list of new options check out the Apple iOS 7 What’s New page.



The Look
First off the whole OS has a different look, all the icons look different and even some of our basic apps like Calendar, Mail, and Weather have changed.  But keep in mind while everything looks different, it is still iOS and runs basically the same.  Getting around and opening apps hasn’t changed, despite how many new visual effects they added in.  I find I like the new look, but I can see others getting hung up on that initially, and it is worth mentioning, it is still iOS.  You may find in a lot of apps the ability to swipe from right to left to delete things is gone, well it really isn’t.  They actually reversed the direction so you have to do a short swipe from right to left to bring up the delete button.  Even the Multi-Task menu got an overhaul, now showing a preview of your apps, and to close apps in the multi-task window swipe them up to turn them off completely.

Control Center
Another great feature is the Control Center.  By swiping from the bottom and then going up, it brings up a new menu that has access to a lot of things you want to access regularly and quickly.  These include Wifi and Bluetooth controls, as well as Volume, and Media play buttons.  There are also the options to put your device in Airplane mode.  And for those with iPhones, it even has a native Flashlight app right in the Control Center.  But what is nice is you do not have to go into your device to access these features.  Keep in mind for security that if you use a PIN on your device (and you really should) you cannot access the Control Center until you enter your PIN.

Blocked Callers
One of the features that has been missing from the iPhone that my wife and I have longed for is the ability to block calls.  With telemarketers being able to call cell phones, and a lot of them illegally “ignoring” the do not call list, we get a lot of annoying calls from time to time.  My wife went so far as to save all the numbers under a contact named SPAM just so she would see them.  Now with iOS 7 there is finally a way to block callers.  You can access this feature by going into Settings, Phone, Blocked.  Unfortunately you can only add Contacts already saved in your contact book.  But if like my wife you save those numbers under one contact named SPAM and block them, you should be in good shape.

Siri Has Options
With all the other great features in iOS 7 they even thought of Siri, giving you the ability to change the voice from female to male if you choose.  Siri also becomes multi-lingual, allowing you to change her (or his) voice into several languages such as Chinese, many versions of English, French, German, Italian, and many more.



3D Parallax Effect
One of the first features you are going to notice when you install iOS 7 is it messed up your wallpaper and distorted it.  In fact even setting a new wallpaper you will find it zooms in and makes Move and Scale completely useless.  You will also notice that if you move your device around, the icons will move independent of the background, and can make one a little motion sick.  This is all due to the new 3D Parallax Effect (no, I am not talking about the bad guy from the Green Lantern movie).  So one of the first things I suggest you turn off is the Parallax Effect.  You can do so by going into Settings, General, Accessibility and turn on Reduce Motion.  While it is not called “Turn Off Parallax” that is basically what it does.  This will make your wallpapers look a little more normal again, but not completely.  And you won’t have that weird icon moving thing that makes you motion sick.

Background App Refresh
Another feature that was added to iOS 7 was the Background App Refresh, this means that even though apps are closed, and even removed from the multi-task menu, they are still running and updating their locations and information.  While this can be useful if you want apps to load faster or stay updated, this is also a HUGE battery and resource waste.  I went ahead and turned this off and saw my battery life was a bit better and my device ran a little more smoothly.  You can turn it off by going into Settings, General, Background App Refresh and slide to turn it off.

2 Responses

  1. Ann Nielsen says:

    Great post! Will be really handy for those with iPhones.

    I save all the telemarketer numbers under JUNK. However, my phone won’t let me save more than 5 numbers per name. (I don’t have an iPhone.) I’m up to JUNK FIVE… (and not only am I on the Do Not Call Registry, I renew it more often than recommended).

  2. Jonya says:

    Thanks, Mike! I’m sharing this with people who need it, now that I’ve learned the things I needed to learn.