Mail Merge in Gmail

Mail MergeOne of the features we lost when our company moved from using Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps was the ability to do mail merge. While we did not use this feature very often, it was important for certain mass emails we did for projects and organizations. So after moving to Gmail, I was tasked with finding out how to do a mail merge with Gmail and found it is actually very easy. In fact the people over at Digital Inspiration already have a great Google Spreadsheet already programmed to do mail merges.

Basically once you make a copy of the spreadsheet into your own Google Drive, you can then add in names, emails, or whatever information of the people you want to send the email to. Then write up a draft of your email, using the column names for any variables you want filled in. Then in the spreadsheet just click Mail Merge, and select your drafted email and it will send out individualized emails to everyone in the spreadsheet, it is that easy.

Digital Inspiration already has great instructions, along with a how to video already on their website under, How to Send Personalized Emails using Mail Merge in Gmail.  So if you need to do a mail merge in Gmail, check out Digital Inspirations site for a copy of this spreadsheet as well as great instructions.  I know this has made sending out group emails a lot easier, and nicer looking than just putting everyone in the BCC field.