Since owning my iPhone 4 I have been impressed with the performance, and some of the applications it can do.  It is even more closer to being a full blown netbook than it was before.  However there is one piece of functionality that truly sets it apart and has impressed me, and that is FaceTime.

Using your wireless connection, you can launch FaceTime on your iPhone 4 to do a video chat.  This is not a separate application, but part of the iPhone 4.  So far it has been really impressive and works as advertised.  Sadly I don’t know a lot of other people that have the iPhone 4, but for those that do this is a lot more fun to use than just a phone call.

I’ve used other video chat services with my computer, such as Skype and MSN, and they work just fine.  But to put the functionality into a portable smart phone is genius.  For example, we were up at the Mall of America and I found a free wireless hotspot and figured I would see how well FaceTime performed when in a public location.  It worked like a charm, we were able to connect back to my friends in Rochester and had a lovely chat with them while we were at the mall.

Now this isn’t all fun and games, as I have already thought of some practical applications.  I work as a computer technician, and I know that having this kind of ability to could very useful as people could actually show me their cabling problems or hardware issues without me having to be there.

What is even cooler is that the new iPod Touch that just came out, also has the FaceTime ability.  So you don’t necessarily need to get a brand new cell phone or plan in order to use it.  FaceTime works only over wireless, so putting it on the iPod Touch makes total sense.

So if you are looking for a new iPhone 4 or iPod Touch, keep in mind it will have the ability to do FaceTime and that will open a lot of doors for portable video communication.