iPad / iOS Recovery Mode

ipadrecovery1Sometimes if your iPad or iOS device gets stuck, doing a Reset may not always clear it. This is the case if it gets stuck booting up and you have nothing but an Apple logo on your screen, or maybe it just continually reboots itself without making it to the home screen. Most people would throw in the towel when this happens, but there is still one more trick you can try, putting your iOS device into Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode relies and using your local computer with iTunes installed on it, to restore your iPad. Let’s walk through the process of doing Recovery Mode:

  • First, disconnect the USB cable from your iPad, but leave the other end plugged into your computer that is running iTunes.
  • Next power off your iPad normally, if you cannot you can hold the power and home buttons until it shuts off, much like a reset.
  • Holding the Home button, plug your iPad back into your computer that is running iTunes. Keep holding the Home button in until you see the Connect to iTunes screen, as pictured in this post.
  • Once plugged in iTunes will display a message saying “iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode. You must restore this iPad before it can be used with iTunes.” From here you can do a regular restore and get your data and apps back, bringing your iPad back to life.

The Recovery Mode works, but it will wipe all your existing data off of the device. Having a local backup on your computer will get everything back to your last backup. If you use iCloud you can re-download your data to your device once you have restored it. With that in mind, I hope no one has to do a Recovery Mode, but it is nice to have one last trick to try before having to contact Apple Support.  More information about Recovery Mode can be found on the Apple Support site at http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4097.