Post Expirator

postexpiratorThere are a few WordPress sites that I help maintain that post time sensitive data, such as events. WordPress is great for this the way it handles posts and feeds right on the front page. But what if you want them to disappear without having to constantly login to remove them, or move them to another category, this is where Post Expirator comes in.

Post Expirator allows you to set a date and time for your post to expire. This is great if you have an event and want it to automatically disappear off of the website after the event is over. Post Expirator also allows you to choose how it should handle each post. You can choose to have them moved to a different category, made back into a draft, marked private, or simply have them deleted. And what is really nice is you can choose these options per post or page, so you are not stuck in any one scenario.

I actually use Post Expirator with another plugin, WP Exclude From Homepage. I use WP Exclude From Homepage to exclude a category called Archived from the front page. Then using Post Expirator I set posts that are time sensitive to expire the following day after their event at 3:00am and move them to Archived. This way the old information disappears off the front of the website, but the posts are still live, so anyone clicking links from Facebook, Twitter, or other external sources won’t wind up on an Error 404 page.

So if like me you want to automate removing of posts at specific times, Post Expirator is a great plugin that will help save you time and keep your websites clean of outdated information.