WP Exclude From Homepage

On some of the WordPress sites are more websites than blogs, and so I do not necessarily want every post to show up on the front main feed. I do however like having the front feed for news and events, but not necessarily every post. This was something I struggled with, an easy way to only allow certain posts in the main feed while keep others out. The solution I found was a plugin called WP Exclude From Homepage.

wpexcludefromhomepageWP Exclude From Homepage let’s you specify which Categories, Tags, Posts, or Pages you wanted excluded from your WordPress site’s homepage. The main way I use this plugin is to hide categories of posts that I do not want to show up in the main news feed of my blog. As you can see in the picture I have created a News category that I allow on the front page, while keeping the other categories off. This way I can control which posts show up on the front page and which ones do not. I also use an Archived category to move the posts into when I do not want them on the front of the site, but do not necessarily want to delete them. This is mostly so external links from other sites and social media still work to the post.

So if you also have a WordPress site, but would like more granular control of which posts show up on the front page, WP Exclude From Homepage might just be the plugin for you. I know it has worked really well for me needs, and I would recommend it for others as well.