Evernote 5 for Windows

The developers at Evernote are working on their new Evernote 5 for Windows version, and you can Download the Beta if you want to give it a try and not wait. But before it officially gets here, let’s take a look at some of the new features that come with it.

One of the great new features that is coming to Evernote 5 is the ability to do Shortcuts. There will be a section for you to create shortcuts to notes, notebooks, tags, and searches. Making it a lot easier to access your frequent notes without so much digging. I know this is a feature that I am looking forward to as I keep my task lists in Evernote, but sometimes do not check them regularly enough because they are buried. I think Shortcuts is exactly the solution for this problem.

Another great feature that I am excited about is some visual changes to Notebooks and Tags. By selecting the Notebook option from the sidebar, it will show you every stack and notebook in one place. Doing the same for Tags lets you see a comprehensive list so you can see all the tags on one screen, much like how it behaves in the mobile version.

But those are only a couple of the new features that are coming to Evernote 5 for Windows, if you want to see more check out their website, What’s New in Evernote 5 for Windows Desktop (Beta).

So while we wait for Evernote to release the Windows version of Evernote 5, it is important to note that they have released it for other platforms, such as Apple iOS. So depending on what devices you have, you may get a chance to check out some of the new features, but not all of the features listed here apply to other platforms.  I know over the next few days I will be checking my Evernote Windows client to see if the new version 5 is out of beta and in full release.