Full Screen Gmail Compose Window

It wasn’t long ago that Gmail changed the compose window in its web interface so that it was docked in the corner.  After hearing some reviews from their users, they are going to be rolling out the option to make the compose windows full screen.


When this option is turned on the compose screen will center in your screen and no longer dock into the lower right hand corner.  Also the formatting toolbar will be turned on by default, making it easier to change the fonts of your text.  To turn this feature on, simply start a Compose window which will show up in the bottom right hand corner, then choose the down arrow (more options) and select Default to Full Screen, that’s it.

I think this looks a little more like the old compose window, but with more of the newer interface.  I wasn’t sure when Gmail released the docked compose window, but over time I got used to it.  Although I think this new Full Screen option will probably very quickly become my new favorite and default, it is nice that they gave us the choice to choose which one we prefer.

So if you find you do not have this option yet, do not worry.  Google is releasing it over the next few days, so check the More Options arrow in your compose window and see if you have the chance to try out the new Full Screen Compose Window.