WP Updates Notifier

When it comes to staying on top of WordPress one of the things I struggle most is with updates, and not just WordPress core updates, but also plugins and themes. I help a lot of people with their WordPress sites, as well as do some of my own and none of them use the same plugins. So how do you stay on top of it? I found a nice way with WP Updates Notifier.

WP Updates Notifier is a plugin that will email you when there is an update available, even if it is for the core WordPress install, or for a plugin or update. You can set the time interval for how often it checks to hourly, twice daily, or daily. I have mine set to daily as I do not need to know more often than that. The plugin allows you to specify which emails get notified, and allows you to put in more than one, as well as what account to send the email notifications from. And you can specify if you want notifications for plugins and themes as well, and if you want to ignore the inactive plugins.


So if like me you help and maintain several installs of WordPress and find it daunting to remember to keep them all updated, WP Updates Notifier might be the plugin for you. Especially if you do not login into your WordPress sites often to see the Dashboard notifications that there are updates available.