ShareThisOne of the things a lot of websites and blogs have on their sites today are share buttons. Those little buttons at the top or bottom of the page that let you quickly, and easily share their information to your Twitter, Facebook, Email, Google+, and other social services. We live in the social media age where it is easier than ever to get and share information. And I have been looking for a good WordPress plugin to provide that exact functionality to my blog, and I finally found it in ShareThis.

The ShareThis plugin will place social media icons at the bottom of your posts and / or pages. You can choose in the plugin settings how you want the buttons configured. It allows to select several different styles and sizes, as well as which ones are displayed. You can even display the green ShareThis icon, which will give users access to all of the services in case they want to share on a social media service you do not have displayed.


But ShareThis can be more than just a quick, easy sharing tool. There are options that can track the sharing, so you can see how many times users share your information from your WordPress sit to their social media sites. I have turned this feature off for my blog, as I am currently not interested in the information, but simply wanted an easy way for users to share posts.

So at the bottom of the posts on my blog, you should see the little social media icons, feel free to click and share any of my posts on my blog that you may find interesting, or want to pass on to friends and family.