plexI have had my Roku for a while now, and before that I used to hook my laptop up to my TV to stream shows, pictures, etc. However one of the limitations of the Roku is that you cannot stream anything you want, you are limited to specific channels. That is until Plex came along. Plex is a service that you can install on your home computer which will the search and publish your media so that you can stream it to other devices on your local network. This includes streaming of pictures and videos to mobile devices, and if like me you have a Roku, you can install the Plex channel and now you can stream media from your computer right to your TV using nothing but your Roku,

This is great as it brings back some missing functionality that I used to have with my laptop. Plex is free, but it won’t stream any format. I know AVI files posed a problem from my computer’s media center library. Another lesson I learned is to not let your Plex server software run all the time, it will slow your devices down. I set mine not to auto-start that way I can simply turn it on only when I want to use it. But even with those drawbacks, this is a great option if you want to show off some vacation photos to your family. So if like me and you miss having the ability to stream items you wanted from your computer to your Roku or mobile device, take a look at Plex.