Google Merging Storage

Not everyone follows how much storage you get with your Gmail account, and what the quotas are for that storage. As of right now if you sign up for a free Gmail account your email / Gmail account gets you 10GB of space and then when you activate Google Drive, you get another 5GB of space just for that. You can read more about Google Dive Storage Limits in my previous post.

Soon Google will be merging these, so that you get 15GB for both your Gmail and Google Drive. This way you get one virtual disk space for all your Google Services. This makes sense as it simplifies things for both the user and Google, but there is another potential advantage here. If like me and you don’t use a lot of space for email, but have a lot of stuff in Google Drive this means your Google Drive account is going to get a major boost. This is also useful if you store a lot of pictures in Picasa or Google Plus.

But this change isn’t just going to happen to personal Gmail accounts, users of Google Apps, who have larger quotas, are also going to have their Google disk spaces merged. Right now Google Apps users get 25GB for their Gmail account and 5GB for their Google Drive account. When this merge goes into effect, they will then get 30GB of space for all of their Google Apps services.

So keep a look out at the quota indicators for both your Gmail and Google Drive accounts, as soon they will merge into one nice 15GB or 30GB number.