Fixing an iPad Home Button

Sometimes the Home button on the iPad can become unresponsive or stick, and fixing hardware issues on an iPad is next to impossible.  But before you pay money to have it repaired, or run out to buy a new iPad, there are a few tricks that you can try yourself to fix it.

First you can try to fix the iPad home button by doing a rotate trick. Turn your iPad in portrait mode (turning it so the longer side is vertical) then open an app such as Notes. Press and hold the home button then turn your iPad to landscape mode (turning your iPad so the longer side is horizontal). Once the Notes app changes so it is in landscape mode, turn it back to portrait mode, while still holding down the Home button. Once the app is back in portrait mode, release the Home button and see if that helps to resolve your issue.

If the rotate trick doesn’t work, another great trick you can try to restore the use of your Home button is to use the Power Switch. Press and hold the power button on your iPad until you get the red swipe bar to power off your iPad, but don’t actually power it off. Then press and hold your Home button on your iPad for 30 seconds, or until the red power swipe bar disappears. Now you can try using your Home button again and see if that helps fix your Home button.

Sometimes if your Home button is sticking it might just be as simple as cleaning your Home button. Take a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol and drip onto your Home button. Then press and hold your Home button to work the rubbing alcohol around the edges. The rubbing alcohol will remove any build up that might be getting in the way of your Home button. The rubbing alcohol will evaporate after a few seconds, and will not harm your iPad.

Of course in some cases you may not care a lot about your Home button on your iPad. You can mimic a lot of its gestures right from the screen. Such as closing an app can be done by taking four to five finger and swiping them into the center of the screen. Or you can bring up the multi-app menu by taking four fingers or more and swiping up. As far as I can tell these gestures only apply to iPads and not iPods or iPhones. Of course you can also change your accessibility settings and setup iOS Assistive Touch to mimic an on screen virtual Home button.

So if you are having issues with your Home button on your iPad, maybe give these tricks a try before paying to repair or replace your existing iPad. I know on my own iPad they have been useful and resolved my Home button problems before.