ColorSnapSo many times when we think about redoing a room in our house, we plan for what new colors we may want to paint it. And how many times, even if you hold up a paint same, do you wish you could see what it would look like on the entire wall? Now you can thanks to an app called ColorSnap.

Thanks to Sherwin Williams, ColorSnap lets you take a photo of your room, and then using the app you can select walls and areas and recolor them with specific paint colors. The app is actually pretty advanced, and will let you get good feel for what the room would look like with the new color.

This app is free, and takes paint samples to a whole new level. So if you are looking to re-paint a room in your home, I would highly suggest downloading ColorSnap to get a better preview of what things will look like and help you to pick out what color of paint you would like.