In a lot of my previous posts I discussed website security and how to protect yourself from being hacked, especially if you are running a WordPress site. Another great site I found that works for most sites, not just WordPress is Sucuri. Sucuri is a website that scans other sites for malware or infections. Once you scan your site with Sucuri it will give you back a report of infected pages, or if your site is clean. They will even give you information about the type of infection, but the it is not very detailed. Sucuri will also tell you if your site has been flagged by Google searches and could be potentially blocked, if it is infected. All of this is pretty great if you just want a quick sanity check on your website.

As I said earlier scanning your website with Sucuri is free, but if you want more advanced features such as help removing the infections, automatic monitoring, or other tools you have to pay for such plans. Even their cheapest plan for just one website starts at $89.99 per year, which can be found on their Coverage and Pricing page. Also Sucuri only tells you if and how you are infected, it does not point out any potential vulnerabilities, unless you pay of course. So if you are truly worried about getting infected or the integrity of your website, I would suggest looking into a service like Sucuri. Personally for me, I plan to use them along side WPScan just as a sanity check that my websites are clean.