New Look for Facebook

newfacebookIn the next few weeks Facebook will begin to roll out a new interface that is easier and more user friendly. The new interface is designed to put more of your friend’s information as well as pages that you like up front, while taking a lot of the clutter out of the way. In fact the new interface is also going to be a lot wider, to show more information, specifically larger photos and videos. The toolbar on the right side will even automatically hide itself depending on whether you need to use it or not. You can click on the screenshot below to see what the new interface will look like.

However, if you use either the iOS or Android Facebook apps you have already seen this interface. Basically Facebook is changing their interface to better match the simpler interface of the Facebook app. This will help simplify things for a lot of people, as well as keep Facebook looking the same between the web interface and the mobile app.

So over the next few weeks if you login to Facebook and see that the interface has changed, do not be alarmed. Chances are you have been upgraded to the new interface. You can also visit this following website for more information, as well as a chance to join the waitlist to be moved to the new interface sooner than later.