HazeHaze is yet another app for the iPhone that shows you the weather. This is not interesting by itself, as there are tons of apps, and even the basic weather app that comes with the iOS that does that. What sets Haze apart is its interface and simplicity.

haze1Haze has three basic windows that you can see by swiping left and right in the interface. The middle one, and also the default one is for current temperature. If you swipe to the left you will then get a window that will show you the hours of sunlight that day, including when the sunrises and sets. If you swipe to the right most window, it will show you the chance of precipitation for that day. On all three of the windows, if you want a little more detailed information, just click on the center circle, that will open up other circles showing you the information. And, if like me, you want to see how a quick view of the week, just swipe down a bit and it will show you a break down of the numbers for the week, depending which one of the three screens are you on. You can get into Settings by swiping further down.

So while Haze may not do anything more than what other apps do, it wins for a futuristic interface that is made even more useful by its swiping features. Haze is currently on sale in the app store for 99 cents, so if you want to try it out now is a good time. I know I already like it as it creates a useful, simple, and cool looking interface that gives me the information I want up front.