Post Work Party

A co-worker of mine did an after work party at her house, it was a lot of fun. Jill and I went and ended up staying way later than we planned, but time flies when you are having fun. They came over today because they are going to do a Harry Potter party for their daughter and we have a ton of Halloween decorations. We are letting them borrow whatever they need. I am going to talk to Jill to see if we can let them borrow the chocolate fountain too. Kids have way cooler things than we did when I was young, I am so jealous.

Oh well, time goes on. I am sitting at home right now setting up a new laptop my friend Sharon bought, trying not to cave and go buy one for myself. So, so tempting, she got it for $650, which is a nice price for a 17″ laptop. I have to get going, gotta go let my friend’s dogs out, they are down in IL this weekend at a disc dog competition.