Welcome to WordPress

Many people lately are talking about WordPress, a GUI based web blog tool that you can install and setup on any webspace that allows for MySQL.  Normally I have always been an HTML hacker and even played with CSS style sheets.  But I had to give WordPress a try, and am impressed.  Up to this point I have run my blog on Google’s Blogger, and that has worked well.  It has a lot of easy to use GUI interface without getting too much into HTML editing.

However with WordPress, it gives you this same ability without being limited to the Google Blogger interface.  Switching themes for example is much easier with less chance of destroying your layout.  Customizing menus and different things with your blog is very easy, and a lot less limiting as well.  I know my co-worker Terry always pushes WordPress, so I am sure he will be happy to know that I agree with him on how easy it is to use and still get a great looking website.

If you are looking for an easy website, or just want to take back control of your blog, I would seriously consider getting some webspace with MySQL ability and install WordPress.  WordPress is free and definitely takes the difficulty out of having to know HTML.

So welcome to my new WordPress blog, all of the same posts that were on my Blogger site have been moved here as well.  I will be posting information as all new posts will be here on my WordPress site and I will no longer be using the Blogger site.  The same great personal and technology posts will be here as well.  So update your bookmarks and thanks for reading.