SkitchI have blogged about Evernote before, and I use the app for all kinds of things, especially keeping some of my tech tricks saved so I can look them up when I need to. But Evernote also has a lot of other apps that can interface with it, one of them that I am going to talk about is Skitch.

Skitch is a photo editing program that allows you to insert text and objects into an existing picture. For example, say you are writing some instructions for someone and want to be able to circle something in a screen shot, or put some text into a photo, that is what Skitch does. Skitch does not edit the existing photo, but allows you to insert objects and text into it.

One of the main place I use Skitch is with its mobile app on my iPad and iPhone. With it I can edit any pictures or screen shots I take with my mobile device. As Skitch allows you to connect to Evernote, all of your edit photos get sync’d right to your Evernote account. Skitch creates its own Skitch notebook in your Evernote and any photos you save get put there. This allows you to access them from your other devices. But Skitch is not just for your mobile devices, there are also desktop version for both Windows and Mac that will allow you to edit your photos and save them directly into Evernote.

Skitch2Here is an example of what you can do with Skitch, as you can see I took a screen shot of my iPhone and using Skitch I placed an arrow and text to the Skitch app.

So if you are looking for a way to add some flare and text to your photos, and you may want to give Skitch a try. Especially if you want the ability to sync it to the cloud to access across all of your devices.