Fast Secure Contact Form

WordPressWhen moving from a CSS or HTML site to a WordPress site on of the more complicated things to deal with is an email contact form. On normal sites this is accomplished by a lot of code, but with WordPress doing a lot of custom code isn’t always a good thing. Luckily I came across a really awesome plugin called Fast Secure Contact Form.

Fast Secure Contact Form makes doing an email contact form in WordPress extremely simple. Once installed it adds a link under Plugins called FS Options. In here you can customize the fields, even setup multiple contacts and emails to send the responses too, as well as configure CAPTCHA, which is a security option that forces a small code to be typed in when submitting the email form. This prevents spam bots from submitting the form and requires a real person to do it. You can even setup multiple forms, so that if you need a different form on a certain page, you can still do that without any problems.

Once you have the Fast Secure Contact Form installed and configured, adding your form to a page or post is just a matter of some simple short code. Adding the following code [ si-contact-form form=’1′ ] would add your email form number 1 to the page or post, it is as easy as that.

So if you are not big into coding and want a simple, yet secure email form for your WordPress site, I would highly recommend checking out the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin. I have only scratched the surface of what it can do, but that is all it took for me to get the email form I wanted working like a charm.