VuduAbout a year ago we got a Roku for one of our TVs and have loved streaming Netflix and other content on it, recently we added a second Roku to our main TV downstairs, and the main reason for this was Vudu. One of the major problems we have had with our cable company is they offer the ability to rent movies and stream them to your TV, however usually when we do HD movies they are horribly messed up and we waste money renting them. With Vudu we can do this same thing, but stream the movies online through the internet, and also through the Roku.

Vudu is a movie service that allows you to pay as you go to rent movies, there is no monthly free or anything, you just pay when you want to rent a movie. They carry a lot of new movies and their prices are comparable to our cable company’s on demand service. They can even link with Ultraviolet, another movie service that lets you own the movies so you can stream them online whenever you want. In fact by creating a Vudu account we were given 10 movies to own, even though they were in the regular SD format and not in HD. ┬áPlus a lot of new DVDs and Blu-rays are coming with Ultraviolet codes for free online versions of the movies to own.

And of course as it is a streaming service, there is an app for that! You can watch your Vudu movies and rentals right on your iOS or Android device with the Vudu Player app.

Of course I have seen a lot of the same movies on Netflix that are on Vudu, so if you have a Netflix account I would recommend looking there first, but Vudu is a great fall back option, especially if you just want to rent a movie without having to leave the comfort of your house. And if you are like us and want other options besides your cable company, Vudu is a good alternative.