PandoraPandora is not by any means new, and if you already use it or know about it, you can probably skip this post. I have had a Pandora account for a while, but very rarely used it. It was not until I got my Jam Wireless Portable Speaker that I went on a quest to find new ways of streaming music, and of course the number one choice for that is still Pandora.

Pandora is a free service that allows you to stream music to your computer or portable device. You can create different stations based on genre, artist, or album. This is really nice as you can customize the kind of music you are listening to a lot more than listening to regular radio. As I said before, Pandora is free and this is due to the fact that they have advertisements. However they only have one advertisement after so many songs and it only lasts a few seconds, unlike the regular radio stations where they seem to have almost the same amount of music time as commercial time. Pandora does offer a paid for service for $3.99 per month, that will allow you to remove the ads and give you more advanced features, but for me I do not mind the commercials and am find with the free service.

I think of the major reasons Pandora appeals more to me now than in previous years is the app. Pandora has apps for both Droid and Apple iOS, allowing you to stream your music through your portable devices as opposed to just the computer. This is great if you want to listen to your music at the gym, or on the go. But be careful as if you are not using wireless, you may be increasing your chances of going over your data plan with your mobile carrier.

I know there are other music streaming services out there such as Spotify, Sirius XM, and Google Music, but if you want to try music streaming for free just to see if you like it, I would go with Pandora. Pandora gives you a lot more control and music for free compared to the other services. I know for myself, I am regretting not taking full advantage of my Pandora account until now.