logmeinAs I have said earlier in a post about Join.Me, the new release of Team Viewer 8 has brought with it a lot of restrictions regarding use of its free product.  While Join.Me was the perfect fit for that quick remote session, it did not fill the need for an unattended remote session.  That is a computer that is connected just waiting for you to remote into it without anyone else starting the connection, but this is where LogMeIn comes in.

LogMeIn is a product that has been around for a while, and at the time I chose Team Viewer over it, but that has changed.  With LogMeIn you create an online account with them.  You can then download a client to install on your computer.  It is worth noting that this client will only ever connect to your LogMeIn account, other people with LogMeIn accounts will NOT be able to connect to your computer.  Once the client is installed, you simply go to the LogMeIn website wherever you are and you can see a listing of your computers.  From there you can connect to your computer remotely through their web interface and you are in.  LogMeIn also has apps for both iOS and Android, which will allow you to remotely connect to your computers from your mobile devices.

One of the restrictions of the free version of LogMeIn is that you cannot remotely transfer files between computers.  This however is not such a problem thanks to many cloud based solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which provide quick and easy alternatives.  So if like me you have become disenchanted with Team Viewer and want to setup a good, free unattended remote access to your computers, LogMeIn is the perfect solution.  In fact Join.Me is also made by the same people who created LogMeIn, and even though it took two products to match the functionality of Team Viewer, they seem to do it well.