joinmeI have used Team Viewer for years to remote into other people’s computers to do computer support, and it has worked beautifully.  Recently with the upgrade to Team Viewer 8, the ability to remote in using their free product has become very restricted, so sadly this isn’t the great option it used to be.  Having a nice, free product to use to do home support is extremely important to me, so it was off to find another solution, and I came across Join.Me.

Join.Me is a web based solution was created for the purposes of sharing screen for presentations.  It is fairly easy to use, you can go to their website and run their Basic program, which will generate a passcode.  You can then give that passcode to someone else, or a group of other people.  The other people can then go to the Join.Me website and join a session using the passcode, they will then be able to see the desktop of the person running the session, however they will not be able to control it.  But once you have another person join your session, there is a way to go in and view who is attending, you can then give control of your desktop to the other person.  Then they will be able to control your desk and make changes as if they were sitting in front of the computer, so in this manner it gives you the same functionality of Team Viewer.

What is also nice with Join.Me is the fact it is entirely web based, there is no client to install and keep on your computer.  There is only the basic client that the person who wants to share their desktop runs, but even when you close Join.Me it will ask you if you want to keep the client on the computer, or completely remove it.  This makes for a nice, clean session without leaving any programs or EXE files behind.

So if like me you used Team Viewer to help your Mom, Grandma, and friends with their computers and have found the new Team Viewer 8 version too limiting, I would highly recommend trying out Join.Me.  Looking through their FAQs I have not found anything in the way of restrictions, and the only difference really is that they have to take the extra step of granting you control over their computer once they have launched the app and you are signed in to their desktop.