Syncing Shared Google Calendars to iOS

googlecalendarOne of the greatest tools my wife and I use in our daily lives is Google Calendar. We share calendars and appointments with each other, but what has always been troublesome with our iPhones and iPads is syncing our Google Calendar to our devices using the native calendar app. When you setup Gmail on your iOS device and choose Calendar, it syncs your personal Google Calendar, but not all your shared calendars. In the past to get around this we have always purchased apps such as Saisuke or Calengoo. But recently Google has changed some the way their services sync and now it is a lot easier to get your shared calendars to sync to your iOS devices.

Basically you just go into Services, then Mail and Contacts and setup your Gmail account using the Gmail service on your iOS device. Then login and when given the choice, choose to sync Mail and Calendar. Once that is done your personal Google Calendar will display, but not your shared calendars.


To get your shared Google Calendars all you have to do is open your mobile browser on your iOS device and go to the following URL,


This will give you a listing of all the Google Calendars you have access to and a check box will be displayed next to each of them. Simply check the calendars you want to sync to your iOS device and click Save when you are done. Now on your iOS device all those calendars should beĀ availableĀ  and even the colors you have them set to in Google Calendars should be the same on your iOS device.


What is really nice is, if like me you have multiple iOS devices, changing the Google sync settings will affect both devices, as it is tied to your Google account and not just a specific device. Personally I find the speed and responsiveness of directly syncing your Google Calendars to the native Apple Calendar App is a lot faster that using a third party app. Of course all this could change if Google came out with their own calendar app, like they did for Gmail and Google Drive, but until then I am liking the faster, direct sync to the native iOS Calendar app. And unlike some of the expensive third party app solutions, this one is free.