Google Drive: Editing Spreadsheets on iOS

First of all, I love Google Drive, and have blogged about it many times before, even about the mobile app they made for iOS. However one of the things I have always complained about was the ability to edit Google Docs, specifically spreadsheets, on the iPad. No matter what, it always seemed like you would have to go through the browser to edit the documents on the iPad, and even then it was limited. Even a few months ago the iOS app for Google Drive started allowing the editing of Word documents, so that you can type and edit a regular Document, but it still did not allow the editing of spreadsheets.

However as of today all that has changed. With a recent update to the iOS app for Google Drive, you can now updated and edit spreadsheets. A lot of what I do in Google Drive is spreadsheets, so this has always been something I have really wanted. From the initial testing it worked very slick and easy, and even worked well with the formulas I have in my spreadsheets.

I have spent a lot of time and money, trying to find an app that would accomodate the editing of Google Docs easily. A lot of them worked, but also seemed to mess up the formatting in Google Drive of my document. This could very well be a game change for me as I also used Dropbox and Evernote to offset the lack of editing capability for Google Spreadsheets. So while this in some ways is a small change, for me it has been something I have been waiting for quite a while, and almost seems like an early Christmas present.