Easy Table

One of the great website content management systems I have worked with is WordPress. The more I use it, the more I keep moving other websites away from CSS. But one of the things that WordPress doesn’t do well is tables. On certain websites I tend to use a lot of tables, and in WordPress there is no easy way to work with them, unless you know a lot of HTML and code them yourself. This was true until I found a nice WordPress plugin called Easy Table.

Easy Table lets you put tables into your pages and posts using a very simple shortcode. Basically in your post or page you can put something like the following in:


And when you save it your website will display a table that looks like this:

There are a lot more options in the code that you can do a lot of different things to adjust your tables. The author of this plugin even has a site that you can look up more information for adjusting and tweaking your tables. Their website can be found at, http://takien.com/1126/easy-table-is-the-easiest-way-to-create-table-in-wordpress.php.

So if like me you love WordPress, but miss being able to work with tables easily, Easy Table may be just the WordPress plugin you need for your site.