Send from Gmail

One of the more interesting things with Chrome is the fact it gets all its internet settings from Internet Explorer, unlike Firefox which does its own internet settings. While this is not a big deal, it does make handling the default email application a little clumsy. Such as, when you see an email link on a website and click on it, and it starts to launch Outlook, when you really want it to launch Gmail as that is your real email client. There is no clean way in the Chrome settings to change this, and you would think a browser from Google would make Gmail its default email client. Even in Firefox you are able to change the default email client by going into Options, then Applications and changing the mailto to Use Gmail.

Well for Chrome there is a way around this, and it is an extension called Send from Gmail. What Send from Gmail does is it makes your default email application in Chrome, Gmail. So when you click on an email link on a website, it will open a browser window with a Gmail compose screen. Although you do have to be signed into Gmail in your browser for this to work, but if you are already using Chrome that shouldn’t be a problem.

So if like me you find the email link on websites to be a little clumsy in Chrome and are tired of Outlook opening when you click on links, head over to the Chrome Web Store and install Send from Gmail. Hopefully some day Google will add this functionality to Chrome, much like Mozilla did in Firefox, but until then at least there is an extension that fixes the issue.