iOS AssistiveTouch

If you have an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) sometimes the Home button sticks, or wears out after a lot of use. If like me it is not worth spending the money to fix it as you are almost up for a new iPhone, there is a virtual work around that can help buy you some time, it is called AssistiveTouch and can be found under General, Accessibility.

When enabled this creates a little Home button icon that you can move around your screen. When you touch it you get several options, including hitting the Home button. You can even set custom gestures, and under Device select from several common iOS commands without using the other physical buttons. Including Volume Controls, Lock Screen to name a few.

So if the buttons on your iOS device are starting to give out and you are trying to wait for the new hardware upgrade, you may want to enable AssistiveTouch. The one drawback is that this function is totally virtual, meaning if you need to wake your device from sleep mode you still have to use the real Home button. But once you do, you can perform the rest of the commands from AssistiveTouch without ever having to use the real buttons on your iOS Device.