Do Not Disturb

A great feature that came with iOS 6 to iOS devices is the new Do Not Disturb feature. This feature allows you to put your device into a Do Not Disturb mode, so if you get any notifications, calls, or texts they will be ignored until you unlock your device. This is great if you are in a meeting, or just don’t want Facebook notifications while you’re sleeping. Another nice feature is you can set a schedule for Do Not Disturb to turn on automatically.

So let’s look at turning this feature on, it is really easy if you just want to turn it on. Just go into Settings, and just above Notifications is Do Not Disturb. Turn it to ON and you will notice a little moon show up by your clock on your device, letting you know Do Not Disturb is on.

But let’s look at setting it on a schedule and some of the more advanced features. Again, in Settings if you go into Notifications there is another section for Do Not Disturb. In here you can turn the schedule on and set the hours that you want. I usually go with 11:00pm to 6:00am. There is also a section in here to Allow Calls From, right now mine is set to Favorites. This means if anyone calls who is listed as a Favorite on my iPhone, the call will go through. This sadly does not apply to texts or Facetime, but hopefully they will allow this down the road. You can change this to a different Contact group, or all of your contacts if you wish. Another feature is Repeated Calls, this means if you get a second call from the same number within three minutes, Do Not Disturb will allow it through.

I have found Do Not Disturb really useful, especially with late night texts. But it worth noting that you will still get alerts if your phone is unlocked and active. Do Not Disturb only works when your iOS device is asleep. If you unlock it and are using it, Do Not Disturb will allow all your notifications through. But again if you are sleeping, chances are your iOS device is as well and this way you can keep those pesky email notifications from waking you up.