Limit Ad Tracking in iOS 6

A while back I posted a blog post about Tracking Cookies, and how sites track your surfing to generate numbers to customize ads etc. In this article I talked about browser extensions and plugins that you can use to opt out of being tracked.

One of the hidden, but cool features of Apple’s iOS 6, is the ability to turn this kind of feature on for your iPhone, or iPad. It is called Limit Ad Tracking, and is pretty straight forward to set up. To enable Limit Ad Tracking go into Settings, General, About, and then Advertising near the bottom. Simply slide Limit Ad Tracking into the ON postion and you are done.

This will help reduce the amount of targeted ads you see when using your device and help keep your information a lot more private. If you have not already enabled it, I would highly recommend it. I know I have it set on all of my iOS devices.