GenCon Recap

So in recap, GenCon was a lot of fun. I played a possessed monk for True Dungeon, which is a live action dungeon walk through for GenCon. I died… a lot, but it was fun working it. When we went through True Dungeon ourselves as a group we got a lot of great tokens that we pulled as treasure. We had an OK group this year, our paladin was annoying, but otherwise it was fun. I checked out a few booths there looking for a new super hero role playing game. I think I may just adapt our Buffy game into a super hero game, that might be easier. They also had a Doctor Who booth this year, so I ended up dropping a lot of money there, but it was cool. I got a replica of the TARDIS key from the old Doctor Who tv show.

We are home now, and adjusting to being back to life in the norm. Today Jill and I started planning our Halloween party this year. We usually do one every year, this year’s theme will be Sci-Fi. Should be fun, Jill did an awesome invitation to send out to people.