Facebook Pages Manager

If you manage several Facebook pages, and would like to update them from an iOS device, the Facebook app works pretty well. However if you want more granular control and to moderate comments and likes, the Facebook Pages Manager app may be for you.

The Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to more directly post items to Facebook as well and manage multiple pages. One of the main reasons I like this app over doing this from the actual Facebook app, is that it gives you a better interface for notifying you of likes, comments, and stats.

Another reason I started using this over the regular app is that I have Twitter accounts linked to my Facebook pages. So that when I post to a Facebook page it automatically updates Twitter, instructions to set this up can be found in Linking Facebook and Twitter. But I found when posting from the normal Facebook app, the posts from my pages were not going to their respective Twitter accounts. Using the Facebook Pages Manager app, this solved the problem and the Facebook posts went on Twitter just fine.

But this app has its flaws too, unlike the new Facebook app with great speed improvements, this app works like the older Facebook app and can be slow, or just freeze up all together. So while this does more of what I want, it comes with a lot of frustration too.

So if you manage pages on Facebook, you may want to check out the Facebook Pages Manager app. It gives you better control, but be warned it can be slow and painful. Hopefully they will come out with a newer, faster version soon. Until then I will keep using it, but only when I have to.