Slideshow via Dropbox

If you have the need to setup a display to go through a slideshow, say at a front desk or in a window, it can be annoying when you have to update it. Especially if you have to go to a computer or display and change out the files or load a new powerpoint. Well another way to get a slideshow setup, and make it easy is to update, is use the Windows Photo Screen Saver and Dropbox.

One of the Windows default screen savers allows you to display a folder with your photos in it. It will then cycle through them as if it were a slideshow. Make sure you turn off any power saving modes and set the screen saver to start at say after a minute. So instead of having to make a powerpoint, you can simply create pictures of your slides and load them into a folder.

But taking it one step further, you can point the Windows picture screen saver at a folder in Dropbox. Doing this will allow you to update your photo slides, without having to touch the computer displaying them. You could even update the slides from anywhere you have internet access to Dropbox. Just delete the old slide photos and add new ones into Dropbox. It will then sync with your Dropbox folder and the new slides will be displayed on the computer.

So if you want a quick, easy, and techie way of setting up a slide show for people to look at in your business entry way, or front desk, this could be worth a shot. Especially if you have multiple displays, you can run them all from the same Dropbox folder.