If you are like me, you have several social media sites and RSS feeds that you access on your iPhone or iPad. I am constantly switching between apps to keep up with all the news and information. Often I have wondered if there was just one app I could access this all from, and well I found out there is. A co-worker for mine showed me Flipboard, it is an app that does just that. It pulls all of your social media sites, RSS feeds, and even allows you to add in news feeds from several different topics.

But what is really stunning about this app is its interface. It displays all your feeds like a magazine, where you can click on the different ones to go into them, and then flip through them just like a magazine. This makes for a very natural feeling interface, and allows for quicker time to check all your social sites. However it may not reduce how much time you spend in the app, as you can add even MORE information than just your social media sites and RSSĀ feeds. From the accounts area you can select several different topics and add in several news feeds into your app, in addition to just your social media sites.

So if you are looking for a way to gather your information into one place, this may be the app for you. Although you cannot do all the functions that you can normally do through, say the Facebook app, it does give you your information in a nice magazine format. I would recommend this app for someone wanting to just look at news articles, or even as an rss reader with its ability to connect to Google Apps. But don’t take my word for it, check out the Flipboard app, it is completely free and worth a look.