Microsoft Security Essentials for Small Businesses

My anti-virus of choice is Microsoft Security Essentials, and I have blogged about it before. It is a very good, free anti-virus, from Microsoft and integrates really well. Up to this point it has mostly been free for home or home business based use. However the other night I was installing it on a friend’s computer and noticed some text on their website that made me very excited, “Coming soon: Microsoft Security Essentials for your small business!”

This would mean you could use it in a small business environment instead of just at home for free. I immediately did some searching on Google and found not a lot of information, but in early October they will open Microsoft Security Essentials up for small business. According to some of the documentation they think it will mean you can install it on ten computers or less. However several of the forums I read also indicated that just means they will support it on only ten computers or less, and that it doesn’t necessarily mean you are limited to installing it on ten computers. However that was a highly debated issue and I found no real answer on it.

So for you small business owners out there, keep your eyes on Microsoft Security Essentials as a free anti-virus solution may be just at your fingertips.