New Products in Beta

There are a couple of major software products that I use and live by that are about to get a major face lift and upgrade. Right now both of them are just in their beta releases, the first one I would like to talk about is Firefox 4.

I downloaded and installed the Firefox 4 beta at home, and am truly liking it. The biggest thing they did was revamp the interface, moving the tabs on top and creating a Firefox button for all your menu options. For those of you who like the old layout of Firefox, you still have the option to go back. Firefox 4 will also allow you to make permanent tabs in your tab bar of things you always have open, such as webmail. It also has more security and even allows for better compatibility with the HTML5 standard and WebM format, making HD quality video that much better. But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and check it out for yourself.

The second piece of software that is getting a big change is Open Office. Open Office is moving to a new platform and will be changing its name to LibreOffice. It will still be a free product just like Open Office and used across multiple platforms. It will remain compatible with the major office suites out there. I don’t know much about this one yet, but from some of the screen shots it looks pretty good. I may give the beta a try soon as well, so keep your eyes open for more information. Or if you want go ahead and download it and try it for yourself.